Baking with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Less Fat, More Fatty Acid

Want 75 percent less saturated fat and 57 percent more omega-3 in your batch of chocolate chip cookies? Swap butter for fresh organic extra virgin olive oil.

Olive Oil

Those figures may be even higher, given that butter and olive oil differ in the amount of servings used for cooking or baking. For instance, a teaspoon of butter is equivalent to ¾ teaspoon of olive oil. The math may be a bit complicated, but going olive oil should help make scrumptious recipes less guilt-inducing. Here’

Ruby Tandoh of The Guardian says you can make just about anything with olive oil. From cakes to ice cream, olive oil is one fat-based ingredient you may want to consider. Olive oil comes as a blessing for people like Tandoh, who can be overgenerous with butter. Here’s what she has to say about the logic in replacing butter with this wholesome fat:

“The idea of replacing it with margarine (Julia Child would turn in her grave) or vegetable/corn oil holds little appeal. As for doing away with fat altogether – that doesn’t even bear thinking about. If I’m to wean myself off of butter, I need a worthy alternative: something that can create the same melting tenderness as butter while contributing some unique flavour of its own. Olive oil does exactly that.”

If you’re looking to cut back on cholesterol, then olive oil may do you some good. Unlike fat-based foods like dairy products, olive oil contains no animal cholesterol. Instead, it consists of a type of plant cholesterol or phytosterol that the body rejects due to its toxicity.

Nevertheless, one also has to avoid excessive use of olive oil, which has 15 percent more calories than butter. This probably explains the reduced amount of olive oil used in recipes that normally call for butter. Yet with the proper amounts, olive oil can add flavor to an otherwise bland pastry or dessert. Try using either OO&B’s natural butter flavored organic olive oil or our Hojiblanca olive oil from Spain which has a slightly sweet taste, a hint of unripe fruits and an almond aftertaste.

Should you have a citrus based dessert planned, or for something like cranberry orange scones, the crushed whole fruit oils would be a nice shift.

Premium olive oil from Orange County dealers like Olive Oil and Beyond makes for a great healthy cooking option. In any case, be sure to observe the recommended amounts for each recipe to reap the maximum benefits.

(Source: “How to bake with olive oil,” The Guardian, June 14, 2014)

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