Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil As The Healthy Alternative To Butter

Olive oil, a staple in Mediterranean dishes, is deemed the healthiest alternative to cooking oil that most of the world uses. As reveals, however, there are people who also prefer olive oil on their breakfast and dessert, like British actor Felipe Mattei:

The notion of pouring olive oil over your breakfast may sound strange; however Felipe argues that olive oil is a much tastier and healthier substitute for unhealthy animal fats such as cream, butter and milk.

Felipe says: “Large food manufacturers add artery-clogging saturated fats to its products which help lead to heart attacks. Low grade oils, such as palm oil, are also often added to foods and its production is linked to severe deforestation in the Far East.”

While his culinary tastes may seem bizarre for most, his points are valid. High quality olive oil, or organic extra virgin olive oil, is made from unripe green olives that have several nutrients that benefit the skin, like vitamin E, anti-oxidants, polyphenols, and more. Because it has several good unsaturated fats, it also prevents common diseases and even coronary heart disease.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil As The Healthy Alternative To Butter

The also furthers that organic extra-virgin olive oil is considered the highest quality in the olive oil taxonomy, as it comes from the freshest olives, and is acid-free. For olive oil to qualify the “extra-virgin” standard, the oil must pass through chemical tests and sensory evaluation by the International Olive Council.

Unsurprisingly, the use of olive oil in dessert recipes is gaining prominence as the best substitute for butter. More and more people are bravely venturing out to further expand their culinary use of this healthy ingredient, making substitutions and adjustments to come up with creative olive oil dessert recipes. But some of the examples that have been so far found to work are the scrumptious olive oil cookies, olive oil cake, olive oil pie, and olive oil custard. Consider Olive Oil & Beyond’s crushed citrus olive oils or even butter flavored for delicious, healthy eating and baking.

In the United States, high quality and organic olive oil in Orange County, California are available in special gourmet stores, such as importer Olive Oil & Beyond. With organic olive oil, now you can really have your (olive oil) cake and eat it, too – guilt-free!

Source: (I Put Olive Oil On My Cereal & My Face, Joe Mellor, July 18, 2014)

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