A Review Of The Virgin Olive Oil: Could This Be The Elixir of Life?

Researchers from different institutes found that extra virgin olive oil, already a superior product in its own right, still has more to offer than just a healthy alternative. From TeatroNaturale.com:

The researchers Beatriz Sánchez, Chapel Mata, Maria Nieves Padilla, Juan Carlos Valderrama Begara and Raquel have found the acid nitrooleico in extra virgin olive oil of the Picual, Arbequina and Frantoio (Italian cultivar).

The anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular protection are “amply demonstrated” according to the investigators, so the extra virgin is “superlative” and is a “food supplement with significant added value to health.” The research has also shown that it is the mere presence of this molecule to exert health benefits. The extra virgin, mixed with other foods and gastric juices of the stomach, increases the anti-inflammatory properties.

Organic olive oil is already known for its effect on neurodegenerative diseases, like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Prion’s, Huntington’s, motor neuron diseases, spinocerebellar ataxia and spinal muscular atrophy. Many claim that extra virgin olive oil is the healthiest fat on earth. According to AuthorityNutrition.com, the extra virgin olive oil has the following components: 13.9% saturated fat, 73% monounsaturated fat, 9.7% of Omega-6, 0.76 of Omega 3, 72% of Vitamin E and 75% of Vitamin K.

not only polyphenols

What extra virgin olive oil is mostly know for, however, is its rich content of antioxidants that can fight serious diseases. Oleocanthal, deemed the “ibuprofen” of all antioxidants, is an anti-inflammatory antioxidant that protects LDL cholesterol from oxidation to the body. Since olive oil is mostly included in the Mediterranean diet, studies found that people from Mediterranean countries have lower risk of cancer.

Other studies found that it also reduces heart attacks, strokes and death by 30%. A study from the New England Journal of Medicine found that substances from the olive oil protect the heart from inflammation, cholesterol, blood clotting and high blood pressure. As is our mantra “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”  (Hippocrates)

The Epoch Times also reported about the cosmetic advantages of olive oil: the oil can be used as a good moisturizer, particularly when mixed with milk, incense and juniper berries. It is most effective when used after a shower to moisten dry skin. Olive oil also has sun relief effects, as it resists skin damages caused by the sun. As for hair, massaging a bit of olive oil with a bit of lemon essence removes split ends. Clean on the outside, clean on the inside! This is just one reason for the BEYOND in our name. Check out the best olive oil based skincare products.

Organic extra virgin olive oil and olive oil related beauty products can be purchased through premium gourmet olive oil sellers like Olive Oil and Beyond, and similar stores for wholesale gourmet in Orange County, California.

Source: (Not only polyphenols. Even a fatty acid of extra virgin olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties, Teatro Naturale, July 29, 2014)

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