Using Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Decadent but Healthy Desserts

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be used for decadent, healthy desserts such as this zesty olive oil ice cream made even zippier with Olive Oil & Beyond’s crushed citrus olive oils. 
organic olive oil dessert recipeCould you cave in to sweet, luxurious cravings and stay healthy at the same time? Making desserts or baking with organic extra virgin olive oil certainly makes it possible. Virtually all the dessert recipes traditionally made with butter or other saturated fatty compounds can be modified with olive oil and still keep their decadent taste. Sometimes, the organic oil can even give desserts a more sumptuous flavor.

In a recipe featured by Shelly Kaldunski on, olive oil and lemons give a fresh, gourmet twist to a classic dessert, especially using Olive Oil & Beyond’s crushed citrus olive oil for pure, even zestier results:

Plenty of egg yolks and a deep golden olive oil tint this ice cream a beautiful pale yellow. Warming the Meyer lemon zest with the cream and milk gives the custard a sweet, bright taste and a delicate perfume, and silky olive oil lends its unique flavor and luxurious mouth-feel.

Makes 1 quart

To make the lemon-infused olive oil ice cream, follow standard instructions on making homemade plain ice cream. Add the grated lemon zest in the initial milk and cream custard mixture. After the whisking, heating, mixing, and ice bath processes with the remaining ingredients, stir in our organic lemon-flavored olive oil (or simply use OO&B Extra Virgin Olive Oil), cover the bowl with a plastic wrap, and refrigerate. Let your ice cream maker work its magic, and freeze the concoction until you’re ready to serve it.

Staying true to the standard recipe, you can incorporate a lot of air into the mixture to give your ice cream a light, smooth consistency. Alternatively, you can make it a richer and denser gelato. Either way, premium olive oil renders your dessert a fine, silky texture and uniquely luscious appeal.

Aside from cold sweet treats, you can also create mouthwatering baked goods with this hearty ingredient. Whip up a batch of savory muffins, flavorful cakes, or fragrant, herb breads. The exquisite quality of fresh, organic olive oil can complement fruity recipes well, too.

Like with any other dish, you have to use high-grade products, so you can produce truly delicious and healthy desserts. Dedicated gourmet ingredient retailers like Olive Oil and Beyond are an excellent source of premium olive oil in Orange County.

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(Source: Olive Oil Ice Cream Recipe with Meyer Lemon Zest,, August 14, 2014)

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