All about Bergamot

What the heck is a Bergamot … and why is it all the rage among European chefs?

FLAVOR: Bergamot is pungent and hearty, its also the secret ingredient once and forever more added to black tea to make Earl Grey Tea.  It’s actually the oil from the bergamot orange thats added, providing the zesty citrus flavor.

In keeping with Olive Oil and Beyond’s high standard and artisan leanings we use only organic Calabrian Bergamot.  Grown mainly in southern Italy, Calabrian bergamots are crushed with Umbrian olives to produce this truly unique olive oil. With a citrus taste in between that of lemon and grapefruit, it is among our most unique crushed oils. This fused oil’s complex flavor has rich bookends with citrus on the front end with a bit of a tangy, peppery bite in back.


Our high-quality crushed extra virgin olive oils are a culinary delight. Buttery and smooth in consistency and alive with flavor, these oils will satisfy discriminating gourmets and novice cooks alike. Unlike other brands, whose process is to infuse the oil with citrus flavors, we actually CRUSH the fresh, organic bergamot fruit and organic tree-ripened Italian olives together, resulting in density unparalleled by other methods…you can taste the difference!


Our Crushed Bergamot extra virgin complements both chicken and white fish, and provides a delightful base for vinaigrettes. Pair this citrus beauty with our Pomegranate, Organic or Raspberry Balsamic vinegars for a blend of sweet and citrus, ideal for dressing salads composed of dark greens (baby kale, baby spinach, dandelion greens), orange wedges, chopped asparagus, heirloom tomatoes and feta cheese.  Use BERGAMOT for a savory dressing, pair our Crushed Bergamot with our Oregano White Balsamic vinegar; add fresh herbs, salt and pepper and make a fantastic marinade for grilled chicken or great baste for a turkey.

No chemicals or preservatives. No extract. No flavoring– Ever!
Organic is much more than a buzzword or a certification. Organic stands for quality and conviction– for the responsible use of nature’s resources.

Enjoy our stock up and save sale on Bergamot this Thanksgiving weekend.



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