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Live to be 100! Secrets of longevity from the Blue Zones

NPR highlights excerpts and notable findings from New York Times bestselling author, Dan Buettner, books The Blue Zones and the Blue Zone Solution, which share findings on regional lifestyles and diet that create longevity. Movement/exercise, relaxation, strong family ties and diet were found to be key elements for longevity. In this world-wide trek for the fountain […]

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Fine Virgin Olive Oil Dishes: Tasteful Food Offerings to Feed the Lot

A little drizzle or a whole cup – however much olive oil used, it will definitely make dishes more appetizing, especially if you’ll be serving for several guests. If you’re a chef at a restaurant or a caterer, you can surely create savory masterpieces with premium virgin olive oil, which has a ripe, silken quality […]

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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Golden Fuel for Exquisite, Moist Cakes

Instead of merely being optional substitutes for butter and other fats, olive oil has now become a mainstay in cake recipes. It’s not just a vogue ingredient nor only a recommendation for healthier eating, but it actually enhances the flavors in these sweet concoctions. Using organic extra virgin olive oil, in particular, can amplify the […]

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Wolfgang Puck recipe for spaghetti and meatballs with basil and galic

Spaghetti and Meatballs Honoring Columbus Day

Happy Columbus Day!  In honor of brilliant Italian heritage, passion for and mastery of delicious food. What else could we bring you but spaghetti and meatballs from Wolfgang Puck, one of the most notable chefs alive today whose Italian influences are prominent throughout his recipes. Wolfgang Puck’s SPAGHETTI WITH TOMATO SAUCE AND TENDER GARLIC-PARMESAN MEATBALLS Serves 8 TOMATO SAUCE: 1/4 cup (60 ml) […]

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Cooking Fish with Premium Virgin Olive Oil Gives Seafood a Fine Twist

How should you grill whole fish? San Francisco Chronicle reporter Janet Fletcher gets the insights and recommendations of Erik Cosselmon, the executive chef of a Greek restaurant in Bay Area. Serving around 3,000 grilled fish monthly, Cosselmon surely knows how to create mouthwatering masterpieces from snappers, sea basses, halibuts, and the like. The highly skilled […]

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Meyer lemon Olive Oil Ice Cream recipe.

Using Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Decadent but Healthy Desserts

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be used for decadent, healthy desserts such as this zesty olive oil ice cream made even zippier with Olive Oil & Beyond’s crushed citrus olive oils.  Could you cave in to sweet, luxurious cravings and stay healthy at the same time? Making desserts or baking with organic extra virgin olive oil […]

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July 4th game find the promo hidden bottle of 'I love OO&B' vinegar, follow instruction to enter.

July Contest Challenge

  Play  our “I love America and OO&B” game! Here’s how it works! Find  the hidden Olive Oil and Beyond Americana wrapped bottle image on and follow simple instructions in the product description to enter the drawing for a free bottle of RED, WHITE or BLUEberry  OO&B balsamic vinegar! (Must be 18+years old and live in US to play)  Don’t forget to take advantage of our July […]

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Olive oil in top five cholesterol fighting foods recommended by Mayo Clinic

Cholesterol: Top 5 foods to lower your numbers Diet can play an important role in lowering your cholesterol. Here are five foods that can lower your cholesterol and protect your heart.   1. Oatmeal, oat bran and high-fiber foods Oatmeal contains soluble fiber, which reduces your low-density lipoprotein (LDL), the “bad,” cholesterol. Soluble fiber is […]

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Olive Oil

What’s Cooking? Quick Recipes Using Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

As delicious as Mediterranean food is, it is often knocked for being high in fat. However, scientists find it quite ironic that this fatty diet has been linked with better cardiovascular health. In a recent study, for example, researchers have been able to narrow down the cause of this paradox: olive oil.

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